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Using our platform to drive online donations from friends & family, teams raise more money than they would by selling products. Our national average raised is over $300/student.

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  • You create a team page for your Fundraiser.
  • Students personalize their own version.
  • Students invite donors via email, text, or social.
  • Donors pay via credit card or mobile wallet.


"I can't recommend it enough and I look forward to using Fund-Team.com again next year."
-Mike Howard, LISD Fine Arts Director
"This is the easiest, best fundraiser I've ever done."
-Drew Sanders, Head Football Coach
"[Fund Team] is student first and your organization first, and that's evident in everything they do."
-Holly Lyons, Legacies Dance Team Director

How is Fund-Team.com different from other online fundraisers?

How can online fundraising differ between companies?

We treat everyone like family. As booster parents ourselves, we prioritize community over profit. While others charge high fees, we prefer fair pricing. We've heard many negative stories about our competitors and can't imagine treating our kids' coaches or directors that way.
How We Differ
Other Online Fundraisers
Other Online Fundraisers: Most of our competitors charge 20%-30% commission on fundraising campaigns. Some will even charge more if you have a modest fundraising goal. They’re in business to make as much money from your non-profit as possible, with salespeople who earn their salary from your organization’s donations.
Fund-Team.com: We only charge 5% commission to use Fund-Team.com. Our growth over the years has largely been due to referrals from our happy customers. We do not have any salespeople. Knowing that the high commission you’re being charged is paying their salary, do you think a salesperson is always looking out for what is best for your organization? We eliminate this ‘middle man’ and pass the savings of their salaries on to you. Our user-friendly platform means that you won’t need a salesperson onsite during your sign-up meeting; you can schedule it on a day that works for you and your participants and run it on your own.
Other Online Fundraisers: If you've used a different online fundraising company, you likely know exactly what this is. Some of the excessive commission you are paying to other companies is for the salaries of their highly aggressive salespeople. They make more commission when you make more money. They'll tell campaign organizers that they need to raise a certain amount of money or else they'll pay a higher rate of commission. They try to make the participants feel guilty if they're not bringing in enough money.
Fund-Team.com: Our goal is - and always has been - to help organizations easily fundraise and keep most of their money. We don't have commissioned salespeople whose main concern is how much money they'll make off their customers. We understand that every participant's situation is different. Not everyone has family and friends who are willing to donate lots of money. While we want every organization to exceed their goal, we wouldn't want participants feeling badly about not being able to raise a certain amount of money.
Other Online Fundraisers: We've heard how dismissive some of the big fundraising companies are to smaller organizations who can only raise a modest amount of money. The salespeople act like they are a waste of their time because they'll earn far less commission than a bigger organization.
Fund-Team.com: Every organization should have equal access to fundraising and get the full attention of the support staff. We treat everyone the same, no matter if they are a big-city band who raises over $133,000 with their march-a-thon or a small-town orchestra who raises over $7000 (more than $1000 over their goal!) to send their students to hear a professional orchestra in another city - a first trip out of town for most of their students.
Other Online Fundraisers: We've been told it can be a hassle for organizations to receive a check for their fundraising total with other companies. Some groups were waiting over 6 months for ANY of their money after their campaign ended, and the salespeople weren't responding to their calls.
Fund-Team.com: If you have your own PayPal account, Fund-Team.com will route your donations directly to it. You therefore receive your money immediately. If you don't have a PayPal account, we keep your donations in a personal escrow account. At the end of the campaign, we immediately mail you a check for 80% of the amount in escrow. We keep the remaining 20% in escrow for 60 days after the campaign ends in case there are any credit card chargebacks, and then we mail you a check for the amount in your escrow after 60 days.
Other Online Fundraisers: We've certainly heard this one a lot. Clients will call or email with questions or issues and have to wait an unreasonable amount of time to hear back. And then when they do get a response, it is an automated, completely impersonal communication that makes clients feel like just a number.
Fund-Team.com: At Fund-Team.com, fundraising is incredibly important to us. Our own kids are passionate about their activities, and fundraising is essential. We think about all the other participants in Fund-Team.com campaigns, and even though we don't necessarily know them personally, we know they're just trying to make things a little easier for their team with additional funds. We work behind the scenes to try to help each organization reach and exceed their goal. Sometimes it's the little things like responding quickly to a grandmother who would rather send a check or helping a donor who mistakenly donated the wrong amount and needs it corrected. We're here for everyone - campaign organizers, participants and donors - every step of the way.