Fund-Team.com Appreciates Your Referrals!

"The Best Compliment You Can Give is a Referral"

We at Fund-Team.com can’t convey enough how much we appreciate the astounding number of referrals we’ve received from our clients! Our commission is only 5%, which basically just covers our server costs and customer support. We don’t have much money left for marketing, so we rely heavily on you to spread the word. And wow, have you ever!

Fundraising During Covid-19 Our clients always give us plenty of positive comments about Fund-Team.com, and we love hearing it. Knowing our platform and customer support have been helpful to organizations is the whole purpose behind the origin and growth of Fund-Team.com. But the greatest compliment we can get, of course, is when you tell your friends and colleagues about us.

5% commission surely makes a big impact on your fundraising goals – and when you refer organizations to us, you are doing them a huge favor by helping them realize they are no longer at the mercy of the high-commission companies anymore.

Thank you for your willingness to take an extra minute or two to tell people about Fund-Team.com. That’s usually all it takes to let them know that 5% commission is not a scam (we get that question all the time), the app works better than other products out there, and our customer support is fast and personal.

Your referrals have made a difference for so many organizations who are just trying to find a way to financially support their members. We appreciate you!