Fundraising Safely During Covid-19

The unprecedented effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have changed the world. Businesses across the United States have had to re-establish their practices to offer protection to employees and customers. Some states have looser policies, some are much more restricted. But all states are continuing to encourage social distancing and safe practices. This is our new normal.

Fundraising During Covid-19 What hasn’t changed a bit? Fundraising with Fund-Team.com. The Fund-Team.com app has always been and will continue to be contactless. Other fundraisers for sales of products often require contact: door-to-door sales, money exchange, delivery of the product, etc. This has always been a tedious process, but it’s now even more difficult with Covid-19.

Especially at a time when money may not be plentiful for some, prospective donors will enjoy knowing that, by donating to your Fund-Team.com campaign, 95%* of their money will go directly to your organization. They will also appreciate how fast and easy it is to support your cause, while doing it safely from their homes.

With many schools planning to resume some form of instruction in the fall, sports and activities will likely resume as well – and fundraisers will definitely be needed. Summer is usually when coaches and directors plan their fundraisers for the year, so now is the perfect time to visit our website at fund-team.com to set up your campaign or call us at 512-522-1338 with any questions.

*Plus credit card processing fees of approximately 3%

Vandegrift Band & Vision raises over $100,000 using Fund-Team.com

The Vandegrift High School Band and Vision Dance Company conducted its annual fundraiser in the fall of 2019 using Fund-Team.com, The Email Fundraiser. In the previous two years, the organization had raised $51,741 and $86,744 which far exceeded their campaign goals in both of those years. In 2019, their goal was $65,000, and a total of $103,053 was raised.

Vandegrift Band & Vision Dance Company 2019-2020 “It’s been extremely successful for us, our most successful fundraiser of the year,” said Mike Howard, Head Band Director at Vandegrift High School. “Fund-team.com has been easy to work with, and the students have been able to operate within the system very successfully. I can’t recommend it enough.”

The Vandegrift Band and Vision Dance Company is comprised of 400 members, for an average of over $250 per student raised in 2019. This is comparable to most of the Fund-Team.com campaigns. The money raised will pay for much of the organization’s numerous expenses, including props, travel, music and choreography.

“We were so pleased to help the Vandegrift Band and Vision Dance Company far exceed their goals over the past three years,” said Mike Panoff, CEO of Fund-Team.com and a local resident. “We take only 5% in commission as our way of giving back to our communities. We want nearly all of the money they raise going back to their team.”

There are many types of fundraisers available, and Fund-Team.com’s ease of use makes it an attractive option for busy teams. Most of the organizations at Vandegrift High School have abandoned product selling fundraisers in favor of Fund-Team.com’s email fundraising platform.

“We’ve used FundTeam for the last two years, and it’s the easiest fundraising I’ve ever done,” said Vandegrift’s Head Football Coach, Drew Sanders. “All you do is enter email addresses, and the money basically just comes in.”

Panoff believes Fund-Team.com’s platform and customer support are what set it apart from the others.

“Fund-Team.com has features that make it far superior to other email fundraisers. It only takes about 10 minutes to set up a campaign, and we are with you every step of the way,” explained Panoff.

Visit us at the 2020 TMEA Convention February 12-15 in San Antonio!

Stop by the Fund-Team.com booth at the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Convention in San Antonio February 12-15 and find out why online fundraising with us is the easiest, most effective fundraiser you’ll ever use! We will have the most knowledgeable representatives, including the creator of Fund-Team.com, on hand to answer all of your questions – even tech inquiries.

Expo Booth Band members are incredibly passionate about their craft, and their parents and community are staunch supporters of the students and their school. Bands have some of the most successful fundraisers because of this enthusiasm.

Just ask the Vandegrift High School Band & Vision Dance Company in Austin, Texas. They’ve used Fund-Team.com for the past 3 years, and their 2019 campaign was their best yet! They raised over $100,000 in one month! Bands all over Texas are taking advantage of this easy-to-use fundraiser.

Bands have a large number of expenses each year, including music, choreography, travel, props, etc. Effective fundraising will offset much (if not all) of those costs so the students’ families don’t have to be concerned with how they’re going to pay for expenses; they can just participate in band and do what they love.

With traditional fundraisers where the members sell products, there is a tremendous amount of time spent. Consider everything the members (and parents and booster clubs) have to do for this type of fundraiser:
  • Get familiar with the products
  • Approach neighbors and local family/friends to make sales
  • Collect money
  • Organize and submit the orders
  • Receive and organize the products
  • Distribute products to the buyers
For all this effort, how much does your organization get to keep? Maybe 40% if you’re lucky? It can be as low as 20%! And people generally don’t even want or need the products you’re selling.

Now look at what it takes to fundraise with Fund-Team.com, where you simply email family and friends to ask for donations:
  • Administrator: Set up a campaign (takes about 10 minutes)
  • Team Members: Upload a picture to their Fund-Team.com fundraising page and enter email addresses (takes maybe 5 minutes)
How much money does the organization get to keep when using the Fund-Team.com fundraiser? About 92%! We only take 5% commission, and the credit card fees range from 2.2% to 2.9%. In addition, you are not limited to local residents because you’re not distributing products to them. You can reach family and friends all over the country for donations via email and then just sit back and let the money roll in.

Now is a great time to start planning for the next school year! We look forward to speaking with you at the TMEA Convention or anytime at 512-522-1338 or email info@fund-team.com.