Organizer Instructions

(Steps for creating a successful campaign)

  1. Sign up for a Fund-Team.com account by clicking on this link:
  2. Create your fundraising campaign by completing an online form that takes about 10 minutes.
    • You can leave the default values for most fields and edit them later if you wish. However, you will want to complete all fields before your campaign start date to help maximize donations.
    • Once you've created the campaign, you will see a sign-up link you can forward to your team members in Step 3.
  3. Schedule a sign-up meeting with your team members. To prepare for this meeting, you will need to provide the following 2 items to your team members prior to the meeting:
    • https://fund-team.com/home/print_blank_donor_list
      Print copies of this blank donor list and hand a copy each team member. Give instructions for each team member to add 12 to 15 names and emails or mobile numbers (for text) to the list, then bring it back with them to the meeting.
    • Forward them the signup link that is unique to your campaign. This link will be available on your dashboard once you create your campaign. You can send it via email, text, GroupMe, etc. Team members will need to click on this link in order to join your fundraiser.
  4. Hold your team sign-up meeting. It should take about 20 minutes. The students will sign up using their phones or any connected devices.
    • Team members's phones are preferable to laptops because they permit text messaging to donors.
    • Please remind participants to only use emails of friends and family they know. Entering corporations, celebrities, or fake emails just to increase their donor count could result in lower email deliverability and hurt your campaign as a whole. This abuse could also result in a ban from our platform.
  5. At least once during your campaign, remind team members to go to their dashboard and send reminder links to their text donors.
    • Unlike email reminders that are automatically sent by our platform, text donors are sent their donation link directly from your team members' phones. This insures maximum deliverability and legal compliance with FTC text laws. Therefore, reminders must be sent manually by your team members by visiting their dashboard and clicking "Send Another Text."